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The Limburg Graduate School of Business enables you to study at your own pace. We enable you to do so by providing a state of the art, online learning experience. All the materials for you to successfully complete your education are readily available on the platform, and you will be accompanied by one of our highly experienced teachers.

At LGSB, we make sure you have access to what you need, when you need it. You can find a brief introduction to our e-learning platform below.

Why choose LGSB

  • Degrees awarded by Swiss School of Management

  • Coursework accessible via e-learning platform

  • Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral programmes

  • High Quality tutors and supervisors

Well structured and easy to navigate.

Our e-learning platform has been built and designed by teachers and experts alike. By design, the platform has been created to inspire peace of mind for students. This is accomplished by easy navigation, a non-distractive learning environment and easy accessibility from desktop, tablet and mobile phone alike.

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Go through our Modules at your own pace.

Every module in every course at the LGSB can be completed at your own pace. At the beginning of every module the platform clearly shows you the learning objectives, assignments within the module and expectations that you need to meet. For every module, there will also be tutors at your disposal to make the most of your learning experience.

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Test yourself as much as you like.

Our LGSB e-learning platform has many built-in testing capabilities to make sure you stay up to speed. You can use the various self-tests to evaluate your progress, test your knowledge while working towards your goals or gain more insight into your current level of understanding.

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Digital examination and testing.

A part of every educational programme is assignments and exams. At LGSB we provide you with the flexibility to check into your graded assignments and exams online, complete them from the comfort of your home and hand them in at your supervisor through our platform. Your supervisor will then grade your assignment or exam, and the platform will automatically assign your grades.

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