Technology for educational purposes.

Facilitate distance learning or enhance your offline traditional teaching using a white labeled e-learning platform for educational organizations and large enterprises. LGSB Educational Solutions helps implementing the platform without a steep learning curve and little initial financial investment.

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Educational program creation.

We create academic programs, business courses and one-day workshop that suit your needs. Our network is build on skilled and experienced professors, entrepreneurs, business experts and educational enthousiasts. So the possibilities are endless. A non-conclusive list of content we can create:

  • Academic degree programs on bachelors, masters and doctoral level
  • Executive Education
  • Business courses
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Student recruitment.

When implementing educational services, it might be helpfull get some assistance with student recruitment. Or getting more awareness for your brand or proposition. We offer marketing services to help you do just that. Implementing CRM, marketing automation, lead generation awareness campaigns are business as usual for us.

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Research and consultancy.

At LGSB Educational Solutions we offer fundamental and applied research services. Our team of dedicated researchers are all experienced researcers in both qualitative and quantitative methods. We know how to use essential tools such as SAS, R and survey design. We provide fast, accurate and actionable insight by answering the most difficult questions facing you and your clients needs.

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