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DBA Studies are one of the most challenging and highest rewarding levels in Higher Education. LGSB has developed outstanding Doctor of Business Administration Programmes. These programmes have unique features, which add significant values to graduates beyond the rewarding Doctor Degree. The Swiss School of Management (SSM) is our degree awarding university. SSM holds an international accreditation granted by IACBE.

Multiple academic collaborations contribute to the exceptional program quality, starting with the involvement of highly renowned and recognized academics as Directors of Studies. The Doctoral candidates are supported on an individual base by both SSM Professors and visiting Professors from a wide variety of international Universities.

Today academia has no more borders. Therefore, the knowledge and expertise of experienced academics influence the structure and content of our Doctor Programs, from which candidates can select the option that accommodates their necessity.

Earning the title ‘DBA’

The title ‘Doctor of Business Administration’ will be awarded by the internationally recognized Swiss School of Management. The result is based on delivering studies of highest quality and multiple benefits to SSM’s Doctor candidates. Swiss School of Management is committed to impress and to express: impress through the value of the studies resulting in Degrees, which express the outstanding skills of those being awarded. This gives them the possibility to develop a top career in industries, administration and academia.

Two major pathways are offered to Doctoral Candidates. The first pathway is known as Professional Doctorate. The notion ‘professional’ should not be misunderstood. They are by no means only professional qualifications. Professional doctoral studies have been globally developed and are accepted as fully-fledged doctoral degrees. In contrast to PhD studies, their purpose is applied sciences: research in, what is called, the real world for application in it. Likewise, the most famous degree pathway here is the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA).

Universities around the globe have extended doctoral studies to these professional doctorates for many good reasons. The industries are very interested in such Graduates and this is demonstrated by the results of their job applications, e.g., DBA Degree skills and capabilities go beyond any Master’s graduate. At the same time, these doctoral Graduates are practice-oriented. Consequentially, they are the first choice candidates for top-management positions. On the other hand and without any doubt, PhD studies have not lost their reason and attractiveness.

The Doctor of Business Administration addresses research in business, economy and management. The thesis can be oriented by the students’ personal interest and based on their personal work environment. At the end of these studies, students are awarded with the Title of “Doctor in Business Administration (DBA)”.

Mode of examination

Before of the Degree awarding, the DBA thesis has to be written and defended in the viva. The thesis argument is about applied sciences. It consists of 50,000 words, which fulfils the criteria of independent research on a superior level and consequentially demonstrates the internationally acknowledged standards of doctoral studies. Type and style of this research are source-oriented on applied sciences, in which a solid theoretical understanding must be evident.

The variety of topics is extensive and candidates can make their own choice upon approval of the Academic Board. The only request is that the selected research relates to management, business and / or economy. Theory and empirically consistent research, which the thesis delivers, are expected on a superior level. An individual Director of Studies will support each student during the development and writing of the thesis. Students will find personal support, but they are expected to work individually, accordingly to the individual nature of such studies on this high level. Therefore, strict limitations on extent and length of such support are applied.

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